commercial hovercraft / private / military / passenger
MAD-81L MAD Hovercraft



  • Type:

    commercial, private, military

  • Applications:

    passenger, rescue, tourist, cargo, patrol, ambulance, cruising

  • Length:

    4.2 m (13'09")

  • Passenger capacity:

    Min.: 1 unit

    Max.: 4 unit


Meet our Typhoon MAD-81L hovercraft. This is our new 3-4 person high performance hovercraft.

Hovercraft MAD-81L is ideal for personal use as well as professional use (search & rescue & work)Typhoon MAD-81L hovercraft is high performance machine beyond compare to any hovercraft you find on world market.

•Supreme floatation when not hovering like no other hovercraft on world market has
•Very short time to get over hump after a water stop - we measure seconds to beat hump and hover again
•Highest power to weight ratio
•Complete heavy duty hull with accessories, but still ultra light, designed for ‘’step-on’’ and all accessories designed for ‘’grab-on’’
•Fully aerodynamic rudders with flow stators results supreme agility of our Typhoon MAD-81L
•and more...

Typhoon MAD-81L is a machine for professionals that need the highest quality and reliability possible, and highest performance available.