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offshore service vessel gangway / telescopic / motion-compensated / rotating



  • Application domain:

    for offshore service vessels

  • Type:

    telescopic, motion-compensated, rotating

  • Operation:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Length:

    Min.: 18 m (59'00")

    Max.: 50 m (164'00")


Motion-compensated gangways are designed for the safe, efficient transfer of personnel and cargo to fixed or floating offshore installations.

The standard gangway features three compensating motions; however the system can be upgraded to include further pedestal movements for managing extreme motions in high sea states. This system is based on our award-winning three-axis motion-compensation technology. Compensation systems include active, passive or combined control methods and the gangway can be delivered with or without an operator cabin, with pedestal height adjustment and an elevator.

The system has a small footprint. Its unique design allows personnel to access the gangway during all compensation movements and in all positions. Multiple redundant, real-time sensors work together with the control system to guarantee safety. This sophisticated system makes operation simple and clear, giving the operator deviation feedback with warnings that prompt the appropriate action. All class-required safety features, such as auto lift-off, are included.

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