NMEA network connection box for boats
CanBus interface LCJ Capteurs


CanBus, compatible with NMEA2000 equipments interface.

CV7-CanBus or CV7-V-CanBus, electronic barometer, compatible with NMEA2000 systems.
This interface box includes a barometric sensor.
It connect to NMEA2000 bus..
The barometric sensor measures from 950 to 1050 mBar with a +/- 1.5 mBar accuracy and a 1 mBar sensitivity.
Wind direction, wind speed and barometric pressure are sent via a single BusCan connection compatible with NMEA2000.
PGNs used:
Sent: 59392; 60928; 126464; 126996; 130306; 130311
Received: 59392, 59904; 60928
LCJ Capteurs is registered to the NMEA with a "NMEA2000 Manufacturers registration code "


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