anemometer sensor / wind vane / for boats / for ships
CV7-C LCJ Capteurs



  • Measured value:

    anemometer, wind vane

  • Application domain:

    for boats, for ships, oceanographic research, for ROVs, for yachts, for sailboats

  • Other characteristics:



The CV7-C is a solid state sonic wind sensor, wind-vane and anemometer.
The CV7-C is especially adapted to the applications of measures of wind for the racing sailing boat or the dynamic positioning of ship.
The vertical assembly on a carbon pole of length 750mm makes it possible to hollow out turbulences of heads of mast.
Sentences NMEA are sent to a rate of 4Hz.
The time of smoothing of the values of measurements of wind can be configured of 0 (no smoothing) at 16 seconds (by compatible PC).
Like all CV7 ultrasonic wind sensor, it has a very good sensitivity to the weak wind, a very good robustness, a constant precision whatever the age of the sensor.
All our sensors of winds are tested in our blower.
The report of measurements in production can be transmitted on request (speed and direction of the wind @ 19Nds).
We sell reports of measurements (speed and direction) has any other speed of wind between 4Nds and 70Nds.