anemometer sensor / wind vane / for ships / ultrasonic
CV7SF LCJ Capteurs


  • Measured value:

    anemometer, wind vane

  • Application domain:

    for ships

  • Other characteristics:

    ultrasonic, wireless


CV7SF is a new wind sensor which completes the LCJ Capteurs series of ultrasonic products. It is wireless, without moving parts, and without power supply. One of its advantages is to simplify installation on elevated sites for measurements where the wind is free and unobstructed.

On ships, another advantage is the elimination of cable weight in the mast.

CV7SF unites advanced technologies: ultrasonic measurements, solar power supply, wireless digital transmissions, supercapacitor for electrical energy storage.

The radio signal is remotely received by a receiver/decoder box and formatted, providing standardised NMEA0183® messages directly usable by computer USB or COM ports or by specialised navigation displays. The receiver is a low consumption unit and may also be supplied from the COM port. The link range is more than 50 m in free space.