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Watersports suit / wetsuit / shorty / child
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In warm weather conditions, Shorty wetsuits with 2.5mm neoprene thickness will give you flexibility, impermeability and UV protection. This wetsuit is entirely sealed with flatlocked seams and aqua stops at sleeves edges and trouser-ends to prevent water flows. Two smooth overlays at the front and back of the wetsuits offer you wind resistance, in chilly days. All Pro Race wetsuits include waterproof back zipper and adjustable neck to embrace your body. There is a special pocket for the keys inside the wetsuit next to the zipper.

The Shorty Wetsuit for children uses thermal technology, which makes it breathable, while it protects your child from water irritations and UV radiation. It has 1mm neoprene thickness to keep your child warm and flatlocked seams to prevent water leaks. The adjustable neck shut offers absolute hang of the wetsuit on your child's body. In addition, the thermal backing of "Shorty" wetsuit allows your child to make abrupt movements and stay cosy, as thermal overlay is light and smooth. Thermal wetsuit closes easily with a mackintosh back zipper


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