Pressure sensor / level / ships / for tanks
P-105 KROHNE Skarpenord


  • Measured physical value:

    pressure, level

  • Application domain:


  • Application:

    for tanks


Our P-105 high precision pressure sensor is unbeaten as a cargo measuring instrument for cargoes in tanks that are difficult to measure with radar. Many chemical carrier operators rely on this type of measurement, because it is unaffected by foaming and heavy condensation. As the pressure sensors are submerged, they will give you the ullage no matter what is happening on top of the cargo. Made in Inconel, the sensor is suitable for installation in tanks carrying acids.

In tanks like slop and retention, radar signals may be disturbed due to tank shape and obstructions. In such cases, a pressure sensor installation will provide you accurate and reliable level measurement. As supplier of both techniques, we can offer the optimum technology to secure reliable measurements for all tanks and conditions. By combinations of these techniques, we offer hybrid solutions unaffected by any disturbance.


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