ship video camera / inspection / underwater / CCTV
OE14-222 / OE14-223 Kongsberg Maritime



  • Application domain:

    for ships

  • Type:

    inspection, underwater, CCTV

  • Technology:

    color, CCD

  • Other characteristics:

    remote-controlled, with zoom


Kongsberg Maritime has launched two new Colour Pan and Tilt Zoom (PATZ) cameras. The OE14-222 (PAL) and OE14-223 (NTSC) underwater CCD colour cameras provide completely enclosed pan, tilt and zoom functionality. KONGSBERG's new cameras support a wide range of applications including, observational and situational awareness tasks, close proximity inspection, process monitoring, marine science applications and manned submersible deployment.

A development of the well-proven Kongsberg Maritime OE14-122/3 PATZ camera platform, the OE14-222/3 cameras have been upgraded using the latest technology, giving the operator a host of real world advantages, such as; removing the 45 second calibration delay during initialisation, greatly improved resistance to shock and vibration, greater range of head movement on both axes, integrated LED lighting as standard, greater head stability including slow speed pan and tilt control and a more user friendly experience through the use of a new Graphic User Interface (GUI). The cameras can be used in restricted spaces without fear of fouling or in a multi-role environment when a camera is required to address multiple tasks. Close up inspection capability is obtained by using a 10x zoom for powerful long-range viewing.