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pressure sensor / ships / for storage tanks
GT403 Kongsberg Maritime



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    for storage tanks


Formerly known as Autronica pressure transmitter GT403.

For ballast and bunker tank level, pump pressure, etc.

A submergible marine pressure transmitter with a flexible polyurethane cable (PUR cable). For protection and easy replacement we recommend that this cable is installed in a tube. The transmitter is available in AISI 316 or Titanium. If the cable ends on deck, a connection box is mounted on a flange welded to the tank top. For deck installations we recommend using absolute pressure transmitters to avoid problems with obstruction of the ventilation tube. Requires compensation with atmospheric pressure. A common atmospheric pressure transmitter for the whole system must be installed. Available in two accuracy classes. Type A is used for accurate level measurements.

For draft, trim and list
When used to measure draft, trim and list, we recommend installation of one transmitter fore and one (or two) aft. The Titanium version is recommended. List can be measured by inclinometer or using two pressure transmitters mounted aft (or better - two transmitters mounted mid-ships). The transmitters are installed after an approved closing valve connected to the ship's hull. A venting pipe is installed above the ship deck. A restriction installed between valve and transducer together with the venting pipe gives a good damping of pressure shocks that may occur in heavy sea. The signal is transferred via flexible PUR cable to a connection box in a dry area.