oceanographic survey sonar / side scan
DUAL FREQUENCY Kongsberg Maritime



  • Application domain:

    oceanographic survey

  • Technology:

    side scan


A reliable sonar for general purpose surveys
Dual Frequency Side Scan Sonar system is the ideal tool for seabed feature mapping, offering high quality results in a simple and reliable package.
It offers switch selectable dual frequency operation (114 / 410 kHz), which when combined with multiplexed data transmission enables a low-drag coaxial cable to be used. The versatility, ease of operation and reliability have made it a popular choice for navies and commercial survey companies alike.

Key features
1000 m depth rating
Switch selectable dual frequency (114 / 410 kHz)
High bandwidth and resolution
Multiplexed data transmission over long cables
Easy to operate
High reliability (MBTF > 10,000 hours)
High efficiency / low power
Simple maintenance

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