ship video camera / underwater / digital / with zoom
OE14-408 Kongsberg Maritime



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    for ships

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    with zoom


The OE14-408 (PAL and NTSC) is a new generation digital stills colour camera with smaller diameter and higher resolution than the previous model featuring 10 Megapixel resolution and 5x optical zoom.

Key features
10 Megapixel resolution
Real time framing video
True 'on-the-fly' upload capability
4,500 msw Titanium alloy housing
Tri-state / RS232 / RS485 / Ethernet control configurations
Achromatic doublet lens minimises aberrations and distortions

Each image is framed using real time video and is temporarily stored in the on-board memory (standard 16Gb). Images can be uploaded on the surface using a rapid USB 2 link or over an ad-hoc wireless network. This wireless feature reduces the frequency the camera needs to be removed from the vehicle or lander, saving the operator time and improving cable and connector reliability.

For ‘on-the-fly’ image transfer the dedicated underwater USB 2 interface connector is available should the host vehicle have a USB over fibre capability.

The camera is also available with an additional Ethernet interface, the OE14-408E which combines all the functionality of the standard OE14-408 while also allowing the operator to control all camera functions remotely and download captured images through the 10/100 Base-T connection as soon as they are taken.

When used with the dedicated flashgun (OE11-442) the E-TTL through lens flash metering gives accurate exposure control.

The Graphical User Interface (GUI) gives full control of the camera over RS232/RS485 and also allows the cameras framing video to be displayed on the PC.

If hardwire control is preferred then zoom, focus and shutter functions can be controlled in this way.

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