ship video camera / underwater / low-light / compact
OE15-110/111 Kongsberg Maritime



  • Application domain:

    for ships

  • Type:

    underwater, low-light

  • Other characteristics:



The OE15-110 CCIR and OE15-111 EIA RS170A mini camera combines the customary high standards of constructional integrity with a level of performance previously unavailable in a camera of this size, making it ideally suited to general purpose inspection use.

Key features
High resolution CCD
Excellent low light performance
4,500 msw titanium alloy housing
Cost effective
Compact dimensions

The camera has been designed as a cost effective option for applications where a small space envelope is essential such as on a manipulator wrist camera, custom tooling projects, ROV aft camera or tether monitoring. Due to its compact dimensions and low voltage DC input it is equally suitable for diver helmet mounting or bell observation tasks.

The OE15-110/111 takes advantage of the latest advances in miniaturised solid state technology, offering excellent low light faceplate sensitivity and good image definition in a robust housing which can sit comfortably in the palm of the hand.

The camera, which is rated to 4,500 msw (14,900 feet) water depth, is just 117 mm in length (excluding the connector) and is supplied in a shock-resistant carrying case.