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Crew competence is the key to improve economy and safety in the maritime industry. Understanding the process is crucial for engineers to achieve optimum engine control in day-to-day operations and for handling emergencies and abnormal situations that might occur.

As a major world-wide supplier of ship automation and control systems, KONGSBERG has a detailed knowledge of the systems and processes onboard and a thorough understanding of the industry’s training needs.

To meet the present and future training needs in the maritime and offshore industry, we have developed a sophisticated engine room simulator, K-Sim® Engine (previously known as Neptune). K-Sim® Engine includes a range of engine models, all of which are certified by DNV GL and exceeds the existing STCW requirements.

Highly realistic training tool

All K-Sim® Engine models are developed based on actual ship specifications and performance data, making the simulator as realistic as possible. K-Sim® Engine provides high quality training in every aspect, from details in a single sub-system to the overall running of a loading or discharge operation, including handling of emergency situations.

From desktop to full mission simulators

We offer cost-effective solutions to fit every requirement and budget. K-Sim® Engine can be configured from a PC desktop to an operational full mission engine room simulator using custom panels and ship equipment. In addition, we provide an e-learning (web-enabled) module and the possibility to use floating licences, giving training centres maximum value for money.