kite sailing dinghy / double-handed / regatta
KITETENDER 400 Kite Tender



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  • Length:

    4.4 m (14'05")


The new dimensions of sailing! Merging different sports leaving many challenges and lots of new experiences tried out by users like Steven Akkersdijk and !elle Hak in this picture; even an almost lift off at East Solent in the UK at Isle of Wight at the home spot of Kitetender agent Windstalkerlslandsports at Sea view.

Kitetender400 is created as the most accesible kiteboat, easy to rig, easy to learn with smaller kites, with bigger race kites or more wind and an experienced and competent crew! able to do over 20 knots boatspeed!
Kitetender400 is blending kite course racing with dinghy sailing, and that is the way the Kitetender400 should be sailed, without mast!