Electric marine barbecue
SilKEN® Grill with Knob Style Control Kenyon International, Inc.


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The SilKEN® Grill is a flameless and smokeless electric grill that incorporates an award winning high temperature silicone lid. Perfectly sized with powerful performance as cooking temperatures exceed 500˚F. The portable design, convenient carrying handles and ample cooking space makes it easy to cook a delicious meal from the comfort of your kitchen or while relaxing outside. Grilling up your favorite food has never been easier and safer as the silicone lid stays cool to the touch and prevents accidental burns. The insulation quality of the silicone allows for quick and even heat so that your food is ready when you are. Not enough room to store your grill? The lid can collapse to a height of two inches making it easier to tuck away in any convenient location. Whether on a boat, in an RV, a small apartment or even in your backyard, the SilKEN® Grill is perfect for all!


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