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outdoor light strip / for boats / LED
4pcs 7″ Wi-Fi Jellux Advanced Marine and Outdoor Lighting



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    for boats

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Each LED strip (10 LED’s) produce a powerful 170-220 lumens of light depending on the color and consumes only 1-3.4 watts. Any system, even with add-ons, will consume a maximum of only 3 amps of power so it won’t kill your battery.

With the Wi-Fi option you can control Lights from a range of 300′ +/- and the capability to change through 163 different colors, adjust the brightness and select/create custom sequences.

(4x) 7” LED strips
Wireless RF remote
(4x) 5’ extension cords
(1x) receiver module
All necessary mounting brackets
Approx. 28’ of illumination

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