exterior decoration fabric for marine upholstery / interior decoration / vinyl
Dream Italvipla



  • Applications:

    exterior decoration, interior decoration

  • Material:



Dream is surely a latest-generation of advanced vinyl fabric, its appearance is so similar to a canvas to really deceive not only in sight but even in touch.

With “Dream” you can cover a lot of things in indoor or outdoor, as example sunbeds, sofa, armchairs, wall panels, decks or any decorative objects. It looks such a delightful and uncommon fabric, with such excellent technical features, who makes it really a unique high quality product.

It is formulated without chemicals harmful to health and environment, does not contain solvents and phthalates, it has an high resistance to abrasion, fungus and bacteria, meets the broadest fire resistance standards and it is certified IMO-MED.

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