wall covering for boats
Pareti Soft Italvipla



The SOFT WALLS collection is always available from stock in 7-8 “standard” variants and is regularly updated. Unlike products bonded with foam rubber, in the “Soft Walls” collection the upholstered effect is achieved with a layer of foamed PVC, of a thickness of about 2.5-3 mm, which is obtained directly during the production process. Therefore, as it is not a layer that is applied at a later time, it cannot be produced with colours on request, except for minimum orders of 300m. Of course, minimum quantities are not required for products that are available from stock. The particular structural composition of the “soft walls” products makes them suitable for use in different environments, as they do not absorb moisture, odours or fumes and they provide good thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as being anti-microbial and mould resistant.