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Wall covering for boats
Accoppiati Italvipla


PRODUCTS USED FOR COVERING WALLS AND CEILINGS, AVAILABLE IN OVER 30 LIGHT COLOURS AND DIFFERENT SURFACES. “Bonded products” are made from artificial leathers, microfibers or fabrics, to which a light open-cell soft foam padding (MPT) is added, with a thickness of 3 or 5 mm, which is joined with a layer of needle-punched polyester (felt) which allows a great ease of gluing and ensures greater durability of the foam. The collection includes a wide range of light colours in white and beige shades, with smooth or slightly processed grains. If the customer cannot find his colour of choice in the standard “Rivestimento Pareti” collection, it is possible to choose any product from our general range and ask for it to be “Bonded” with this solution (3 or 5 mm + TNT).


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