Composite scuba tank

DIVATOR LITE COMPOSITE CYLINDERS were the first full composite cylinders introduced on the market. Interspiros outstanding safety pedigree and innovative approach resulted in a cylinder with a high volume to weight ratio and a very long service life.

DIVATOR LITE does not only fulfil specifications, it exceeds them. It is a safe cylinder for extreme conditions and with a service life that gives you excellent return on your investment.

DIVATOR LITE are available as cylinder packs for mounting with a quick connect system. Different cylinder volumes are available. A composite cylinder pack gives the diver enhanced balance and a reduced profile when diving. A reduced profile simplifies work in fast-flowing currents. The cylinders have a neutral buoyancy in water. Neutral buoyancy means that the diver will enjoy greatly enhanced stability, invaluable for delicate underwater work. As an added advantage the lightweight composite cylinder simplifies logistics during transports above surface.


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