yacht shower / boat deck
ARCO Y Inoxstyle


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    for yachts, boat deck


The elegance of modern meets the aesthetic neatness of classic in a shower characterized by a figure that is both subtle and resistant. An arched arm that loosens along a tapered and subtle line of design, a single body made of mirror polished stainless steel devoid of visible junctions and connection points: Arco is suitable for elegant, traditional and refined environments. Arco Y is carefully designed for montage on yacht, completely removable, suitable for any type of boating installation.

Completely made of AISI 316L stainless steel, both in body and in screws.
Mirror-like manual polishing of “Nautical” quality: less vulnerable to the weather.
Inoxstyle Special Warranty: Inoxstyle doccia inox stainless steel shower douche inox garanzia10anni small ARCO Swimming pool Garden Doccia Stainless Steel years on the shower body.
Product realized in a single body: absence of assembled blocks and junctions.
Shower head with silicone rubber anti-scale and anti-obstruction.


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