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TECNO Y Inoxstyle


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    for yachts, boat deck


An object of clean design, characterized by soft geometries, direct example of the fusion between functionality, order and elegance. Tecno is a single body shower by definite technical linearities, with a bottom that cancels the eventual visual impact of fixing. Suitable for modern environments, thanks to its simplicity it can get integrated also in classic frames in a natural way. Tecno Y is carefully designed for montage on yacht and boat decks, completely removable and equipped with well base, suitable for any type of boating installation.

Completely made of AISI 316L stainless steel, both in body and in screws.
Mirror-like manual polishing of “Nautical” quality: less vulnerable to the weather.
Junctions screws minimized: reduction of oxidizable components.
Shower head with silicone rubber anti-scale and anti-obstruction.
Optional water service output with 1/2″ metal nozzle.
Inoxstyle Special Warranty: Inoxstyle doccia inox stainless steel shower douche inox garanzia10anni small TECNO Swimming pool Garden Doccia Stainless Steel years on the shower body.
Tap body exclusively made for the shower.
Tap fully integrated into the body of the shower. Smaller size and no deposits, limestone or rust.
Customizations (text or logos, lights) are possible on request.


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