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Interlude Y SB BC Inoxstyle


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Interlude Y SB BC - Stainless Steel Shower for yachts

Seductive lines, harmonic symmetry, a design project in which the technical nature is shaped into a fascinating piece of furnishing, thanks to the superb joining of consistency and visual charm. Interlude is an outdoor shower whose every detail contributes to the design of an architectural piece of great prestige, suitable for modern and contemporary environments.

Main body 30x60 mm, overall size 47x18 cm, height 238 cm, shower head height 218 cm and 180 cm
Shower body made of marine-grade stainless steel AISI 316L
Multiple process, nautical-grade manual polishing
TIG welded (tungsten inert gas), single body unit
Shower head with anti-scale and anti-obstruction silicone rubber
Inoxstyle special warranty on corrosion: 10 years on the main body
SB version: Single body shower
BC deck support with hidden water connections


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