Lashing block / high-resistance / single / for sailboats
INO-ENDING 3.6 Ino Rope


  • Type:


  • Number of sheaves:


  • Configuration:


  • Application domain:

    for sailboats

  • Applications:

    for running backstays, backstay

  • Working load:

    1200 kg (2645.55 lb)

  • Breaking load:

    3600 kg (7936.64 lb)


Based on the concept of the INO-BLOCK, the INO-ENDING provides an extremely simple solution for every sailing yacht. You just have to splice the textile cable around the system.
The INO-ENDING can replace any textile cable with a block or a ring at its ends. As this ending is made with Dyneema, the system is 8 times lighter than a steel cable for the same resistance.
With only 3 parts you obtain one of the most simple endings in the world, with an integrated block.


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