pleasure boat paint / high-gloss
ILPA Adesivi - Levante

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pleasure boat paint / high-gloss pleasure boat paint / high-gloss


  • Application domain:

    for pleasure boats

  • Appearance:



GLOSS is a product for regenerating plastic parts which include handrails, fascias, railings, and all various parts of the hull that are in plastic, restoring them to their original colour and protecting them from the effects of water, salt and sun. It can also be used on rafts and dinghies as well as on carrying cases. With the use of a sponge, the product is applied evenly over the surface (which has first been thoroughly cleaned) that is to be treated, always taking care not to create any bubbles. Within a few hours, the GLOSS will form a film over the scratched, worn and used plastic thus restoring it to its original appearance. It is available in neutral colours and black, and does not contain any silicones.