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ILPA Adesivi - Levante

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Water Based Polish

LEVANTE Water Based Polish is a first class wax emulsion that has the characteristics of a pink water based fluid cream which comes in both normal and abrasive forms. Its composition was developed to ensure the best results for both the professional as well as the DIY client. LEVANTE POLISH is formulated in such a way so as to give any painted surface an amazing shine. Applied to old and new paint leads to the same extraordinary results. It is easy to apply and protects from all types of scratches, atmospheric conditions and salt damage, and is also water repellent. It is also available in a more abrasive form, useful in removing more stubborn stains. Shake the product well before use to ensure that it is completely mixed, apply by hand with either a soft cloth or cotton wool, and if used on a car be sure to use a very soft cloth. Apply an even layer of LEVANTE POLISH proportionate to the surface it is being applied to, wait a few minutes to allow to dry and then wipe away with a soft cloth or cotton wool until perfectly polished. Do not use on surfaces that are directly exposed to sunlight, or on highly porous plastics.