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BLU ILPA Adesivi - Levante

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This is a two-components based filler made from acrylic and met-acrylic solvents with high boiling points and unsaturated polyester resins with very quick drying times. This styrene free body filler respects the maximum contents of organic compounds allowed under the DL 161, 27/03/2006 and the relevant European Directive 1004/42/CE (which states no more than 250 g / per litre), therefore it has no indication of adverse risks and does not contain solvents that are considered harmful to the human health and odorless. This product is excellent for all types of construction work; can be applied by a spreader, providing good adhesion and excellent sanding. It can be directly painted with any professional products. It can also be directly applied onto any bare metal sheets as well as new galvanized sheets.
It has characteristics of excellent versatility: it can bind different materials, such as polystyrene, steel, aluminum, plastic, wood and glass.