monohull / fast cruising / open transom / carbon



  • Number of hulls:


  • Intended use:

    fast cruising

  • Deck layout:

    open transom

  • Materials:


  • Rigging:

    with bowsprit

  • Length:

    10 m (32'09")


The MATARAN MK3 project, made by Felci Yachts Design, is the first ICE33 produced and represents our very latest generation of racing boats.
We were asked to design a simple handling , no compromise boat , 10 metre-long mono hull, conceived to be super-fast in real time, whilst simultaneously offering the chance to achieve excellent results in handicap races such as the IRC, ORC Sport Boat Category and the brand new HPR.

The whole project is aimed at extremely high performances as being the key to enjoy sailing, getting results in regattas, and above all, giving this new racer boat a long life span.
Absolute performances, have been gained by eliminating all “slow down” component, which are sometimes “required” by the regulations.
Having a real time fast it is key, to avoid the risk of having a boat, that can becomes obsolete, at the first’s technical modification at handicap level, and give to the project a long competitive life.

A concept this that had always been at the base of any Felci Yacht’s project.

The hydrodynamic concepts behind this new 33ft hull, very innovative, set aside for a period of time, have reacquired popularity, being improved by recent CFD studies, done using the most sophisticated software available, and embraced by other famous naval architects design studios.

In Felci Yachts, these latest CFD studies have caused us, to reassess the potentiality of these hulls that we could define as “high stability form rounded hulls”. Thanks to this project they have evolved even further.