marina fender / for docks / wheel
Fender rotatable EVA Finger Dock. (Set 5 units) ibericamar, s.l.



  • Application domain:

    for marinas

  • Applications:

    for docks

  • Configuration:



Practical and simple system that facilitates docking maneuver. Relying on her at the time of docking the ship enters only with its own inertia.

When the boat touches the bow, or corresponding quarter, fender rotary and absorbs the impact tour channeling to the boat mooring. Unlike an inflatable defense it has no rebound effect.

You can install both up and down depending on the profile of the hull or is docked bow or stern, with both installed inverted installation to ensure any hull and above 8m lengths.
With serial installation we achieve an assisted docking system and no friction

Manufactured in stainless steel 316 with fixing IB1 and high density EVA.