fishing ship winch / trawl / purse seine / hydraulic drive
Ibercia - Iber Comercio e Industria, S.A.



  • Application domain:

    for fishing ships

  • Use:

    trawl, purse seine

  • Drive mechanism:

    hydraulic drive


Ibercisa offers a range of trawl and purse seine tailor made winches for pelagic trawlers, stern trawlers, and purse seiners.
Trawl winch features:
- Available in Sizes from 10 to 150 Tons Pull Capacity.
- Allows multiple spooling angles.
- Electric or hydraulic top quality drives.
- Electronic spooling, automatic change wire diameter.
- Very robust and compact design.
- Equipped with totally enclosed and self-lubricated dog clutch.
- High Overspeed and Overload range.