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motor joystick / for boats motor joystick / for boats


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    for motors

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    for boats


Manoeuvre your ship in any desired direction with the smart little joy stick

EZY-Dock opens up a whole new dimension in new navigation. All you need to be able to manoeuvre your ship in any direction is a Joystick: simply lip the Joystick in the direction you wish to sail. You can even use the Joystick to turn your vessel around its own axis. The system is an extension of the RMC system and consists of the Joystick and an interface developed by Hydrospex. Where desired, you can also connect two Joysticks to the system. EZY-Dock is the ideal tool for mooring and manoeuvring, as well as for navigating in the harbour. The programmed electronics decide independently whether to engage the engines, or the bow or stern thrusters. If, for example, you wish to turn your boat around its own axis, all you need to do is to lip the Joystick lever in the direction you wish to turn, and the electronics will execute the action by engaging the bow and stern thrusters or the forward or aft engines as necessary.