mainsail / for cruising sailboats / tri-radial cut / full-batten



  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for cruising sailboats

  • Fabrication:

    tri-radial cut

  • Other characteristics:



There are a number of types of mainsails that HOOD produces: conventional, mizzen, fully-battened, in-mast furling, in-boom furling and gaff. All HOOD sails are custom built to order for each client, although our standards specify detailing that is common to each class of sail.

For conventional and full-batten mainsails and mizzens, some of our standards that make a HOOD sail a truly valuable purchase are noted here:

Aluminum headboard riveted to the head of the sail. There is a bushing pressed into the top of the headboard to take the halyard shackle.

The luff slides sewn on using nylon webbing. This lets the slides articulate over a wider range without chafing either the sail or the slide, as shackles do.

There is a more robust slide webbed onto the headboard to provide extra support to the head of the sail when it is reefed. Bigger sails get two such slides.

There is a “bumper rope” that is a pre-tensioned rope stapled onto the sail and then sewn down. The staples are then removed. This is installed so as to take the strain when the halyard or Cunningham-eye are tensioned. Without this rope, the loading comes on the skin of the sail and reduces the longevity of the sail.

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