jockey seat / for professional boats / for military vessels / for offshore power boats
JX-190 H.O. Bostrom



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    for professional boats, for military vessels, for offshore power boats

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The JX-190 Series reduces rider fatigue and injury in high speed and rough sea boating applications. The JX-190 Series seat exceeds International Marine Organization (IMO) specifications for High Speed Craft (HSC) and is designed to isolate shock up to 6Gs. Dual Seaspension® shock-absorbing pedestals feature internal progressively-rated stainless steel springs that self-adjust to occupant weight and sea conditions. Independent testing shows that the pedestals reduce the impact felt by riders by over 50% and provide a steady ride as they absorb shock waves and pounding in rough seas.

Features all non-corrosive materials for outstanding strength and protection in salt-water environments