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SAR (28.5 m) Hike Metal Products

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commercial hovercraft commercial hovercraft - SAR (28.5 m)


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    25 m (82'00")


These two custom built “multi-task” Hovercraft (ACV’s) , Christened the “SIYAY” and the “SIPU MUIN” are utilized by the Canadian Coast Guard for Emergency Response, Search & Rescue, Navigational Buoy retrieval and deployment, and Icebreaking.

The SIYAY carries out duties on the Frazer River Delta British Columbia, its navigatable tributaries, and the Georgia Straits, while the Sipu Muin conducts these similar operations plus ice breaking during Spring thaw on the St Lawrence River and the Gulf.

Hovercraft Details and Specifications:

Designer: Westland Aerospace
Manufacturer / Builder: Hike Metal Products
Crew / Complement: 4 (3 officers, 1 crew)

Hovercraft Dimensions

Length: 28.5 metres
Width: 12 metres
Height: (on cushion)12 meters
Full load displacement: 69 tons

Hovercraft Propulsion

propulsion: 4 Caterpillar 3416 TTA diesel engines 912 horsepower for lift and propulsion
Generators Power: 2818 Kw
Propellers: 2 – variable pitch propellers

Hovercraft Performance

Top Speed: 72 knots
Cruising Speed: 50 knots
Military Lift: 22.6 tons of equipment
Endurance: 1 days Fuel Consumption:
Fuel Capacity: 8 m3 Fresh Water: 0 m3

Hovercraft Communications Equipment:

VHF FM: (1x) NAT NTX 138-000
VHF AM: (1x) Collins CTL22

Hovercraft Navigation Equipment:

GPS: (1x) Magnavox MX-400BR
Gyro: (1x) Sperry Rascar C14D
Radar: (1x) Sperry Rascar 1040
VHF DF: (1x) OAR 4400

Hovercraft Deck equipment:

Main Hoist: (1x) Polar Crane
Towing Equipment: (1x) Portable

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