Commercial hovercraft
Rivac 650 – 680 Hike Metal Products


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    8.5 m (27' 11"), 7.13 m (23' 5")


he Work Horse of the Airlift Hovercraft, The Rivac 650 – 680

Several key design features make the RIVAC 680 a stand out hovercraft, for both commercial and private users. The low skirt pressure design makes it less sensitive to skirt damage or terrain porosity; the semi-inflatable construction provides a large and stable work platform with excellent lifting capacity; the inflatable collar provides a resilient buffer around the perimeter of the hull; the petrol engine is a standard automotive type with fuel injection for safety and economy; and all fuel and exhaust systems are made from fire proof and corrosion resistant materials.

Length 7.13 m (23.4′) to 8.5 m (27.9′)
Width 6.80 m (22.3′)
Cockpit length 2.98 metres (9.8′) plus
Cockpit width 1.44 metres (4.7′)
Cushion height 365mm (14″)
Max recommend speed 65km/hr (35 knots)
Cruising speed Up to 55km/hr (30 knots)
Crew 1 crew
Accommodation 6 to 8 passengers
Payload 550 kg
Overload Payload 650kg (1433lbs), 800kg (1764lbs) overload in good conditions, reduced performance

Engine The engine may alternatively be a petrol engine for spirited performance or a diesel engine for increased economy and safety.

Hull construction Rigid centre part containing machinery and accommodating. Inflatable outer part for increase in lift area, additional flotation and protection of inner hull.

Skirt type Pressurised bag, detachable fingers

Area of operation All USL class D and some class C waters.


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