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Smallwonder Amp 2X60 heddier electronic



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Small wonder ?- that is indeed the correct term for the ultra-compact digital amplifier, developed and engineered by heddier electronic GmbH. The case that measures merely 18.5 mm in height contains a high-output 2-channel 120 Watt amplifier featuring 3 audio inputs and a Bluetooth module. The Bluetooth module supports audio-streaming of MP3 players and smartphones. Thanks to the high performance of the Class D-Amplifier, heat emission is kept low so that the entire device can be installed or integrated in even the smallest and narrowest slots or locations. The low height allows, for example, an installation in chipboards of 19 mm.

Despite its comparatively small size, this ultra-compact mounting-amplifier combines and includes many different functions. All audio in- and outputs are connected via pluggable EUROBLOCK screw-type terminals, which allow low-cost and quick cabling of the amplifier. In addition to a standard audio input, it is also possible to use a high-level audio input that may, for example, be used as a additional amplifier for wide-screen TVs or larger displays. It is also possible to hook up playback devices via a 3.5. mm jack plug. Depending on the operating voltage (12 - 24 Volt DC) the maximum audio performance is 2 x 80 Watt. Therefore, by bridging the audio channels, the maximum performance amounts up to 160 Watt. By linking the terminals of the stereo channels, the maximum performance adds up to 160 Watt which is ample for controlling and operating larger or more extensive speaker systems.