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SYM 23Q HeatHunter


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    for tanks


The SYM 23Q is an excellent analog fluid level sensor for computer, PLC, and all other vessel monitoring applications. The SYM 23Q monitors the fluid level of the tank by utilizing a integrated solid state controlled silent bubbler system to measure the hydrostatic pressure at the bottom of the tank and convert it to an accurate analog voltage signal. Featuring a universal 10-60VDC input and a .95-6.80VDC signal output, the SYM 23Q is suitable for all water based and oil based fluids. Another unique feature of the SYM 23Q is its ability to accurately monitor any depth tank from 10 inches to 110 inches. The signal is compatible with the standard line of Headhunter Tank Sentry monitor panels. Many OEM’s take advantage of its ability to reduce inventory requirements for their level sensor needs, since one SYM 23Q can be easily configured for a wide variety of tanks unlike most conventional custom OEM fluid monitors.


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