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single-handed sailing dinghy / instructional / regatta
Hartley 10 Hartley Boats



  • Crew:


  • Use:

    instructional, regatta

  • Length:

    2.94 m (9'07")


The Hartley 10 is a very easy to manage entry level dinghy. This attractive little dinghy is particularly suited to those in the early stages of learning to sail or those who just want a simple boat for getting out and about on the water. It is made from a 3 layer rotomould polyethylene which is very robust, hardwearing and practically maintainance free.

The Hartley 10 has a single sail plan and the wide deep hull shape incorporates a very stable sit-in design with a high boom to more comfortably accommodate older youth and adult learners. The attractive hull shape moves swiftly over the water and self drains effortlessly.

The soft sail can be easily reefed by simply rotating the mast and wrapping the excess sail neatly around the mast to reduce the sail area. A high performance battened sail is also available as an option for those who what to experience the thrill of performance sailing.

The mast comes in two pieces for easier transport on a car top or road trailer.