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AMARA Gun Sails

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watersports glove / fingerless watersports glove / fingerless - AMARA


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Every windsurfer with an office job knows the story… Amara Gloves are worn in warm spots and their primary purpose is the avoid annoying blisters at fingers and palms when there is not enough cornea. The slightly rounded wrists and finger ends ease the grip while putting on and pulling off.

Range of temperatures: Approx. 20°C – 35°C


Amara Suede is a very durable, smooth and breathable synthetic leather, similar to the one used in high-class cars (Alcantara)

3-D Flex jersey is a very light and breathable material which is used in order to avoid overheating.

UV Flex jersey in 6 oz. ensures a very pleasant wearing comfort and protection against sunlight (UVP 35-50+, according to colour) or abrasions.

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