Ship dynamic positioning system reference device / laser
CyScan Guidance Navigation Limited


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    for ships

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The standard laser sensor of choice by all major DP Integrators

The CyScan system is a local position reference sensor for marine Dynamic Positioning (DP) applications. It measures the range and bearing of retro-reflective targets allowing the DP system to maintain the vessel’s position and heading relative to the target structure of another vessel.

The latest in DP laser technology, the CyScan sensor can be used as a primary reference or a complementary addition to a microwave sensor or DGPS. With an optional operating temperature of -40ºC, CyScan is also available as an Extreme Low Temperature (XT) variant for Ice and Arctic operations.

“The CyScan Mk4 sensor has proved to be an excellent reference sensor for the Gulfmark fleet and has been the standard laser reference on all our newer vessels. We are also in the process of upgrading vessels fitted with the older CyScan Mk3 to the Mk4 system so we can benefit from the latest design features and the new Dashboard interface”


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