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380 TD Griffon Hoverwork

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commercial hovercraft commercial hovercraft - 380 TD


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The Griffon 380TD is capable of carrying 5 people or 380kgs (837lbs). It is remarkably easy to operate, largely due to the ability to control lift and thrust independently, unlike most other small craft.

The 380TD is a simple vehicle with an open loop skirt, inflatable side bodies to provide buoyancy and reduce under hull pressure.
An effective work surface from which to access items in the water, the craft also has no side slip control.
Manufactured from a combination of aluminium and composite (FRP) materials, the 380TD is ideally suited to inshore transportation in areas such as mud flats, swamps, ice and in the event of flooding.
With the optional hover-on hover-off road trailer, one person can quickly and easily transport and operate this unique vessel virtually anywhere and provide emergency response over wider terrains, than vessels which are limited to waterborne transport.
Consequently the 380TD has been used for a wide variety of light applications including shallow water and mud rescue, flood rescue, river and shallow water patrol, survey and sampling duties and pilot training.