Outboard inflatable boat / foldable / inflatable bottom
HOBBY Grabner GMBH, Austria


  • Motor type:


  • Hull type:


  • Deck features:

    inflatable bottom

  • Length:

    4.1 m (13' 6")


The tubes large diameter provides high stability and steadfastness in rough water, and under the thrust of a high powered engine.
Low horse-power energy is required to lift the inflated bottom and push this boat forward.

The HOBBY may be propelled by electric motor, as well as by 2- or 4-stroke fuel engine up to 25 hp.

The ascending bow wards off head-on spray, assists the inducement of planing and offers extra and vital space.
Two carrying lines, one on each side feeding each through 4 D-rings, plus 2 strong carrying handles at the stern, and one at the bow, allow for comfortable carrying ashore.
Small flat-pack dimensions of 120 x 55 x 20 cm enable the HOBBY to be taken as luggage in a medium size car.
The upper boat skin of the HOBBY is of red safety colour, that can more easily be seen in foggy condition, or against the background of dark water. Red better reflects the suns rays and heat, thus preventing excessive expansion and pressure of the air inside the tubes. The underside of the boat is made of black rubber, which is more resilient and protects against mechanical damage.


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