position and tracking system / for boats / for yachts / for ships
NAV2.0 GOST by Paradox Marine



  • Function:

    position and tracking system

  • Application domain:

    for boats, for yachts, for ships

  • Network:


  • Other characteristics:

    remote, alarm


The GOST NAV-TRACKER 2.0 is our most popular GPS tracking system. Multiple daily position reports can be sent at set intervals which can incorporate a wide range of security & monitoring features. This system can be locally armed & disarmed and make alerts via text message or email when the geo-fence is breeched, or any sensors are tripped. GOST was awarded a medal by the US Coast Guard for our assistance in recovery of various high profile vessels, some in less than 1 hour using this system. The NAV-TRACKER was able to update vessels speed, heading, latitude & longitude, automatically every 15 minutes (programmable from website at intervals ranging from every 2 min to every 30 min).

The Nav-Tracker 2.0 can accommodate a wide range of hardwired sensors. Popular sensors include door contacts, high water sensors, Infrared Beam Sensors, Deck Pressure Sensors, Motion Detectors, Low Voltage Sensors and many more. We can even connect to any normally open sensing device. The sensors will all be set up in series, and the 2.0 will send out the message in alarm when any of the sensors are tripped.

GNT-2.0-30 includes the control unit, the antenna, a 30ft antenna cable, a 6 foot power cable and covert antenna mounting bracket

GNT-2.0-60 includes the control unit, the antenna, a 60ft antenna cable, a 6 foot power cable and covert antenna mounting bracket

The main difference between the Nav-Tracker 1.0 & the Nav-Tracker 2.0 is the 2.0 control unit that allows for local arm/disarm and the ability to incorporate hardwired sensors