indoor ceiling light / for ships / cabin / cockpit
TL11 Glamox ASA



  • Type:


  • Application domain:

    for ships

  • Applications:

    cabin, cockpit

  • Light source:


  • Material:

    plastic, steel


For recessed installation in solid ceilings where IP44-rating is required (DP and OP variants). According to maritime requirements.

Steel housing and steel frame fits to housing with screws. Powder coated white RAL9016. Double prismatic (DP) or Opalic (OP) plastic sheet in steel frame (IP44) or White grid (WG) plastic in frame (IP20). Suspension brackets (MNT-S) is not included.

TL11-R250 LED is designed for solid ceilings. It can be used for retrofit since it fits to old cut outs for old Aqua Signal 1226 and old Glamox GIM with T8/T12.
Emergency is integrated at TL11-R E3 fluorescent.