soundproofing sandwich panel / for thermal insulation / polyethylene foam / wood
GISATEX GisaTex GmbH & Co. KG



  • Applications:

    soundproofing, for thermal insulation

  • Core:

    polyethylene foam

  • Facing:


  • Other characteristics:



Areas of use

GISATEX® Thermo Isocell is an insulation material for walls and ceilings. Thermo Isocell demonstrably reduces heat transfer through hull walls and ceilings of your boat. Extreme heating or cooling of cabins is thus prevented. The avoidance of large temperature differences also naturally reduces condensation. This premium material can also be used to seal off machine rooms.


Original GISATEX®Thermo Isocell is a networked closedcell polyethylene foam with a heat conductivity of only 0.038 W/m/k (watts per meter per degree) and a moisture absorption of only 4% (almost nill). This material is temperature resistant from approx. -50ºC to +90ºC. GISA TEX® Thermo Isocell does not decay even in permanently wet conditions, is chemical and fuel oil resistant, and has a flame-retardant coating.

Instructions for use

GISATEX® Thermo Isocell can be welded and shaped into any form using hot air jets. It can also be glued onto almost any surface (metal, glass fibre, wood, sandwich panels). We recommend the use of our temperature-resistant contact adhesive type 135 (NB contains solvent) or our emulsion adhesive type 1805. Since adhesion to polyester and epoxy resins is very good, GISATEX® Thermo Isocell can also be worked into sandwich insulation panels.