sound-damping insulation coating
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Special products

The insulated hose RECduct B is a ventilation tube which achieves optimal sound absorption in an air duct. The textile inner wall allows the air to flow in and out of the engine room without noise getting out too. Best results are obtained by installing the tubing with at least one 90 degree bend.

The hose is attached with bridging clamps delivered with the hose. Two bridging clamps are provided free with each hose.

Tube diameters available: 60, 90, 100, 152 and 172 mm Lengths: 1m, 1.50m, 2m, 2.50m, 3m Minimum order length: 1m

Original GISATEX® RG 36 is a special open-pored polyester foam sheet with a deep pyramidal profile which ensures an optimal degree of sound absorption.

We particularly recommend this product for lining bulkheads and doors. It should be attached using our adhesive type 135.