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ANTISLIDE safety walk GisaTex GmbH & Co. KG



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    for boats

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Areas of use

GISATEX® ANTISLIDE safety walk is a visually very appealing nonslip surface for your boat. This soft material is easy to work with and can be optimally fitted even to complex hull shapes. It is waterproof and seals the deck against dampness. The special surface profile lends the material its non-slip quality and pleasant underfoot feeling. When installed with full surface adhesive GISATEX® ANTISLIDE safety walk is resistant to distortion and abrasion.


Safe anti-slip 100% PVC surface. Resistant to salt water, ultraviolet light, temperature and to oil. Hard-wearing and long-lasting. Quick and easy to lay. Good adhesion to almost all dry, clean, and smooth surfaces.

Instructions for use

The surface to be covered must be dry and grease-free. We recommend our special adhesive no. 1736 for the installation of GISATEX® ANTISLIDE safety walk. GISATEX® ANTISLIDE safety walk can be cut to shape with a pair of good size scissors or a modelling knife. We recommend that you first prepare a template when cutting out since this makes it easier to get a good fit in complex shapes. When laying GISATEX® ANTISLIDE safety walk any glue squeezed out at edges should be wiped away as soon as possible. A good way is to stick masking tape around the area to be glued before applying the adhesive and allowing it to dry for an hour. Then lay GISATEX® ANTISLIDE safety walk onto the adhesive bed, smoothing out from the centre and wiping away excess glue as you go. Joins can be additionally sealed with silicon.