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Areas of use

The gisamed® mattress overlay VITAL-SOLO is the perfect equalizing top layer to go on top of sleeping surfaces made up of several smaller separate mattress parts. It effectively fills up the gaps between them, leaving a comfortable continuous surface to lie on.

The gisa med® mattress overlay VITAL-SOLO can also compensate for cushions which are too hard or too soft, making for healthy and restful sleep.

Material qualities

This mattress overlay is made of Thermoflex spacing weave. This allows it to adjust for uneven sublayers, and makes it friendly to your back. It is also air-permeable and temperature-regulating, because the hollow areas permit warmth and moisture to escape.

The breathable cover has an anti-bacterial treatment and can be easily removed and washed in a standard washing machine (at 30°C, with gentle washing powder, no spin).

The gisamed® mattress overlay VITAL-SOLO can be simply rolled up for space-saving storage.

We make gisa med® mattress overlay VITAL-SOLO to measure, best of all from your paper template.