interior decoration fabric for marine upholstery



  • Applications:

    interior decoration


Areas of useStretch

GISATEX® Skylon Ultrastretch is an extremely stretchable wall covering material for your boat interior. It makes expert working on angles and curves on walls and ceilings easier. Its pleasantly soft, breathable, PVC surface layer makes it suitable for use everywhere on the boat.


We achieve the outstanding insulation performance of this material by laminating a premium 100% polyamide outer layer with a special polyurethan (PUR) thermal foam padding. This makes for the best possible insulation against heat, cold and noise. This imitation leather material is washable and very stretchable.

Instructions for use

GISATEX® Skylon Ultrastretch wall covering is first roughly cut to fit the space. The wall alone is coated with an emulsion adhesive. We recommend the use of our type 1805 adhesive with a lambskin roller. The fabric strips can then be directly applied to the layer of adhesive and smoothed out carefully. The high elasticity of Bellina Superstretch permits it to be used on sharply curved or uneven surfaces.