interior decoration fabric for marine upholstery / artificial leather



  • Applications:

    interior decoration

  • Material:

    artificial leather


Areas of use

GISATEX® Skylon Sport Kaschiert, with their classic leather grain, are top class materials suited both for wall and ceiling coverings and for upholstery. They are suitable for use inside or outside, and lend a stylish look wherever they are employed.


The surface material of PVC gives the product the necessary waterproofing and resistance to mould, but also strength. This material can thus cope with the demands of long-term uninterrupted use. The underside is equipped with a charmeuse layer of artificial silk. The specification GISATEX® Skylon Sport additionally has 4-5mm of open-pored polyurethane foam. This makes it an outstanding material for wall and ceiling covering. Small irregularities are covered up and the insulation much enhanced.

Instructions for use

When used as a wall covering, GISATEX® Skylon Sport should first be roughly cut to fit the space. The wall alone is then coated with the GISATEX® emulsion adhesive type 1805 with a lambskin roller. (Please look at » Covering walls and ceilings - installation instructions «) The fabric strips can then be directly applied to the layer of adhesive and smoothed out carefully.